Safe Zone


Where to find help ?

Auditory prevention

Drug prevention

Any situation going against the following statements will result in serious action being taken by our organisation. We encourage and ask for anyone who bears witness or falls victim to any improper, or dangerous behaviour to immediately alert a member of our staff or comity so that the correct measures can be taken.

  1. I am sure to get proper consent from anyone I engage with, particularly in the following situations: 
    1. Short physical contact: touching clothes, hair, body parts whatever they may be.
    2. Close and prolonged physical contact: kissing, squeezing, touching any body parts especially those of a sexual nature.
    3. flirting: 
      1. An accepted advance does not imply that all future advances are consensual (ex: accepting a drink does not imply consent to kissing or close contact).
      2. A refused advance does not imply entitlement to forceful and intentful behaviour, or to any type of anger or resentment towards the person who refused the advance, nor does it represent an attack to the personal value of the person who made the advance.
  1. Consent must be: 
    1. Free: consent obtained by pressure or forceful behaviour is not legitimate.
    2. Lucid: the person giving consent must be in a state of lucidity. Consent obtained from someone under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is not legitimate.
    3. révocable: le consentement peut être retiré dès lors que la personne qui l’a donné le souhaite. Donner son consentement pour une interaction n’implique pas que les interactions qui en suivent sont d’office consenties. 
  1. Refusal to give consent can be hard to express but can be done in the following forms:
    1. Orally: by an explicit “no” 
    2. Physically, by variously strong elements of body language such as (non exhaustive list): 
      1. Silence 
      2. Looking away
      3. Tense body and absence of physical reaction
      4. Pushing back
      5. Pulling away

Auditory prevention

In certain zones, decibels may reach up to 100dBA. Prolonged exposition to such levels can cause permanent lesions to the eardrums. It is highly recommended that you protect yourself by using auditive protections provided at every bar.

Sound level controls will be made throughout the night to ensure legislation is respected.

An auditive restoration zone will be located outside and up the stairs.

Safe zone

A safe zone accessible by all will be located next to the infirmerie. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable or unpleasant situation make sure to ask any member of our staff for help and guidance to this zone. An alert cocktail which will be named in the bathroom also exists so that you make seek this help discreetly.

Drug prevention

Glass protectors will be available freely at every bar to prevent attempts to get drugs into your drink. We give a warm thank-you to the Bureau de l’égalité des chances for providing us with these protections.

Stay vigilant and aware of your body, if you feel any type of pain in your arm, your leg, your hand and/or if you feel any level of dizziness, faintness, nausea, headache, fever or stomach ache, inform a responsible person, staff or friend, so that they may take you to the infirmerie. Do not isolate yourself.

Where to find help after NDLM ?

A psychological distress hotline 0848 133 133 (Centrale téléphonique des médecins de garde du Canton de Vaud) will answer 24/7. They will be able to provide the help and guidance needed and take the appropriate measures for your issue.

La main tendue is also available 24/7 by dialling 143 to help anyone needing help and support, going through a crisis but also for everyday issues. This swiss service aims to help callers find long term solutions to the issues at hand. If necessary, they can also orient callers towards the service that will provide them with the correct help. La main Tendue can also be contacte anonymously by mail or chat.
If you prefer to find help on campus, you can find information on the campaign I need help on the AGEPoly website.