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Reception and Program

    • Where and when does the NDLM take place?

    It will take place on October 2, 2021 at the SwissTech Convention Center of Lausanne. It is the same building used for the Magistrale ceremony on the same morning.

    • Where is the entrance to the NDLM?

    All participants (dinner and party) are asked to access NDLM via the entrance of the STCC Campus Hall (Terrace floor).

    • What are the key moments of the night (schedule, etc...)?

    The NDLM is separated into two parts, a meal and an after-party. Only graduates and their guests may come to the meal. Everyone can come to the after-party.


    Opening of the ticket office on site (for latecomers)

    Opening of the Welcome Aperitif for dinner participants in the Campus Hall


    Start of the dinner in the Grand Auditorium

    22:00 to 01:00

    Opening of the entrances (Campus Hall) for the participants of the party

    22:30 to 23:00 

    End of the dinner and transfer to the after-party


    Final Closing of the NDLM Entrances


    End of the event

    • Do you offer a cloakroom when I enter the NDLM?

    If you are coming for the party only, a guarded cloakroom will be available on the Garden floor (where the party takes place).
    If you are coming for the dinner, you will be welcomed in the Campus Hall of the STCC. A cloakroom will be at your disposal and guarded during the meal.
    This cloakroom will be transferred to the other cloakroom on the Garden floor mentioned above.


    • What are the entrance fees for the NDLM?

    We want to keep our fees as low as possible. As this is the first edition of the event, these prices may vary until the ticket office opens.

    • Who can be a guest of a graduate?

    Family and friends of graduates can be invited as guests to the meal and the party. However the fees differ depending on whether you are a graduate or not as explained above.

    Graduate : Dinner + Party


    Graduate's Guests : Dinner + Party


    Graduate : Party only


    Standard party ticket


    • Who can come to the NDLM Dinner?

    Graduates from the years 2020 and 2021 and their guests are welcome to come to this part. Graduates may have as many guests as they wish.

    • Who can come to the after-party of the NDLM?

    Anyone :) Bachelor, Master, PhD students, teachers, EPFL administration, or externals, all are welcome!

    • How do I book my ticket ?

    You will find a reservation form on the main page of our website.

    • What happens if a concert is cancelled?

    We do not refund tickets if a concert is cancelled at the last minute.


    • How can I get to the event?

    By public transport: metro stop M1 EPFL and bus Ecublens VD, EPFL.
    By car: EPFL can be reached via the Route Cantonale and then the Avenue du Tir Fédéral.

    • Can I leave the NDLM site during the event?

    All exits are definitive. The exit will be clearly indicated and your wristband will be cut off once you pass it.

    • I am a person with a handicap, can I come to the dinner or the party?

    You can! We will simply ask you to contact us in advance via contact@ndlm.ch and tell us which parts of the event you will be attending and your arrival times. Members of our team will then meet you at the entrance.

    • Do you organise buses to bring me back home?

    Free buses will leave from the bus stop “Ecublens VD, EPFL”. Departures will be at :
    01:15, 01:35, 01:55, 02:15, 02:35, 02:55, 03:15, 03:35 et 03:55.

    Les arrêts desservis sont :

    • Ecublens VD, EPFL
    • Chavannes R., Glycines
    • Renens VD, gare-sud
    • Renens VD, Chêne
    • Renens VD, Rue du Lac
    • Renens VD, Longemalle
    • Renens VD, Malley-Nord
    • Prilly, Galicien
    • Lausanne, Prélaz les Roses
    • Lausanne, Couchirard
    • Lausanne, École des métiers
    • Lausanne, EPSIC
    • Lausanne, Port Franc
    • Lausanne, Lausanne-Flon

    All vehicles are adapted for the transport of disabled persons.

COVID and Sanitary Pass regulations

    • Do I need to be vaccinated to attend the event?

    You must present a document confirming your identity plus a valid COVID certificate documenting a complete vaccination, a test-confirmed cured infection less than 180 days old, a negative PCR (less than 72 hours old) or an antigen test (less than 48 hours old). The certificate must be in QR code format. More information here.
    You can check that your QR code will be validated at the entrances by scanning it in the Swiss COVID Certificate Check app (available on the Android Play Store or the IOS App Store).
    A test will cost you 30chf and it will be necessary to get tested on Friday for it to remain valid.

    • My COVID certificate does not have a QR code, will I be accepted at the NDLM entrance?

    No. However, it is often possible to ask your vaccination center to provide you with one that is compatible with the European system. Make sure you do so in advance!

    • Can I get tested on site to get a COVID certificate?

    No. A covid test center is in place on the EPFL campus. More information is available here.

Image rights

A team of photographers will be on site. They may take pictures of you for our communication tools, our social networks, our website... If a picture of you is published and you want us to remove it, please contact us by email at contact@ndlm.ch. We will delete it as soon as possible.

Health & Safety

    • Infirmary

    An infirmary is in place in case of any problem throughout the night.

    • Prohibited items on site

    • Animals
    • The presence of dogs or any other animal is prohibited for safety and animal welfare reasons.

    • Outside drinks
    • It is forbidden to bring in drinks other than those offered at the NDLM bars.

    • Weapons
    • Weapons (as defined by law), as well as any object that could be considered dangerous in the context of the event, are prohibited within the perimeter of the event.

    • Drugs
    • Swiss law prohibits the trade, consumption and possession of drugs. This applies to our event.

    • Pyrotechnic objects
    • To prevent the risk of accidents and fires, the use of pyrotechnic objects (rockets, smoke bombs, etc.) is not authorised on the STCC and EPFL campus.

    • Prevention

    • Alcohol
    • The sale of any form of alcohol is forbidden to under 16s.

    • Hearing protection
    • The NDLM respects the standards for the protection of the hearing of spectators. During some concerts, and depending on your location, sound levels can exceed 93 decibels. Prolonged exposure to this volume can cause damage to the eardrums. Free earplugs are available at all bars during the evening.

    • Crowd movements
    • If there is a crowd movement during a concert, move gradually away from the spectators creating the movement. The pressure can be very high in the front rows of the audience.

    • Theft
    • In order to minimise the risk of loss or theft of your personal belongings, avoid bringing valuables with you. Our cloakroom is of course guarded.