The journey of La Nuit de la Magistrale

The "bal des diplomés"?

It was originally the Bal des Diplômés (Graduates' Ball) that closed the day of EPFL graduation day. Organised by the members of the AGEPoly executive committee (the general association of EPFL students), it took place in Lausanne hotels, such as the Lausanne Palace or the Beaux Rivages. There were 200 participants for the meal and 300 for the dance.

In order to organise an event worthy of the Magistrale and of the new EPFL alumni, a group of motivated students suggested the creation of a new commission of AGEPoly in 2019. This suggestion was accepted by the student community and thus the Nuit de la Magistrale with its very first organising committee was founded.

The first edition (2020) was not spared by the Coronavirus pandemic: cancellation was imposed! But a new committee, more determined than ever, with the support of the previous one, is now working to ensure a first edition worthy of its name!